Benefits and Importance of Receiving a Massage Tantra
Tantra massage is a demonstration of unconditional love and tenderness. It is a giving from the heart, recognizing the unity of all the people. It is an act of compassion and gratitude. Tantric sexual Massage in Dubai releases energy, which when channeled into the heart, you'll give the opportunity to live a deep and loving intimate experience fullness yourself.
Breathing during a tantra massage session
In our tantra massage sessions you do not have to breathe in any way forced, or do anything that is not natural and spontaneous. A breath stilled, own that is achieved when one is relaxed come naturally, that silent breathing, which is barely noticeable, the same. The therapist will you guide and assist during the session. We want you to feel comfortable and confident. We do not judge, just observe. We will take care, with attention, love and respect. A tantra massage session is a gift for you from our heart.
• Deep, reaching the brain waves alpha / theta, that transport us to what would be a meditative state, which occurs a look inwards and the feeling of being beyond space and time is experienced relaxation.
• Awake the 5 senses: smell, touch, taste, sight and sound, to feel the sensuality in you.
• Effects on sexual energy: you wake up, and become unlocked. It occurs a release of energy.
• The energy centers of the body are recharged.
• Deep healing expands consciousness.
• Vitality and well-being profound.
During the Tantra massage your body will be pampered with hot almond oil, touch the feathers, silk and cotton. You'll feel guided to a journey of personal discovery that will take you to the depths of you.
Tantra Massage:
• Yoni (female)
• Lingam (man)
• Sacred Spot (only in sessions from 1.5 h)
A profound experience would be from a session of two hours on, however, if you have enough time, or simply want to prove we offer an initial session of 1 hour. The importance of receiving a massage Tantra
The purpose of tantra Massage Dubai is that you connect to life from the heart. The various strokes and manipulations make awaken sexual energy, also call it life energy. The work of the therapist is to channel the flow of sexual energy to higher energy centers: solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown, and thus offer the possibility to enjoy l to life and to experience a level of heart, i.e. from Love. The session facilitates the release or beyond the blockage of energy on the genitals, did you live life from a more basic and less spiritual level.
Thus with sexual energy, transformed into Love, one experiences an inner state of joy and fulfillment.
The purpose of spiritual development is the ultimate freedom.